Life Sustaining Management and Alternatives Program (LSMA)

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The Life Sustaining Management and Alternatives Program (LSMA) is an Emergency Department Palliative Medicine Program which is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The nation's first and only Emergency Department-based Palliative Medicine Program, LSMA will take on the task of translating palliative care into the emergency setting

  • Often, patients arrive in the Emergency Department with known or newly diagnosed terminal illness, with physical and emotionally distressing symptoms. These patients present emergency physicians with palliative care opportunities--chances to relieve pain and suffering, and to work collaboratively with the patient and family to establish treatment goals that support and honor their wishes
  • The program will also concentrate on helping individuals understand their disease and how to manage their lives
  • Since the beginning of the program, we have helped meet the goals and wishes of more than 400 patients.
  • More information will be available throughout 2012


For additional information please contact:

Mark Rosenberg, DO, Chairman, Emergency Medicine, Director of LSMA and Emergency Department Palliative Care Program: 973.754.2240

Emergency Department Geriatric and Palliative Care Services: 973.754.2243

Adult Emergency Department: 973.754.3735

Pediatric Emergency Department: 973.754.2240

Emergency Medicine Residency Program: 973.754.2918

Emergency & Trauma Services: 973.754.2242

Emergency Department: 973.754.2251

Psychiatric Emergency Services Hotline Number: 973.754.2230


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