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Explore a Nursing Career at SJHS

Welcome to Nursing at St. Joseph’s Healthcare System. I am Maria Brennan, Vice-President of Patient Care See details

Explore a Nursing Career at SJHS

Welcome Nurses!

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Welcome to Nursing at St. Joseph’s Healthcare System.

I am Maria Brennan, Vice-President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer at St. Joseph’s Healthcare System. St. Joseph’s is a formidable institution that provides many opportunities to professional nurses in a variety of specialties and expertise. St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson, NJ is a tertiary care center that provides specialty nursing in almost every stage in one’s lifetime… from conception through adulthood. St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center also offers specialties in every type of nursing, such as emergency and trauma nursing, critical care, neurology, oncology, orthopaedic, neo-natal and pediatric, geriatric, renal and ambulatory nursing.

In addition, St. Joseph's Healthcare System offers practice opportunities in community nursing at St. Joseph's Wayne Hospital in Wayne, NJ, as well as long-term care nursing at St. Vincent's Nursing Home in Cedar Grove, NJ. Exploring the links found at the left-hand side of the page will provide you with specific details relative to each nursing opportunity throughout the health care system.


Your career at St Joseph's begins with a mentor and grows with multiple career development opportunities, complemented by a core of Advanced Practice Nurses and fostered by our Center for Education and Development. These opportunities, in collaboration with a Nursing Practice & Research Department and a Quality & PI Department, are specially dedicated to addressing matters on nursing practice.


St Joseph's core Values and Vision are woven into the fabric of nursing practice in all departments. This is accomplished with a professional nursing team of more than 600 nurses with a less than one percent vacancy rate. Our nurses take pride, not only in their relationships with each other, but also in the collaborative relationships amongst all other disciplines within the health care team. Proof of this is lauded in a recent National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) Nursing Satisfaction Survey.


Nursing at St. Joseph's also continues to be rewarded on the basis of its objective accomplishments by state and national accrediting bodies such as the New Jersey State Department of Health and Senior Services, and the American Nurse Credential Center (ANCC).


As a three-time recipient of the Magnet Award for Nursing Excellence, our care delivery model, the Watson Theory of Human Caring and Relationship-Based Care, continues to evolve into an empowering staff-driven initiative. The autonomous nature of nursing practice has consistently demonstrated high quality provision of care in a patient-centered environment. Our model is supported with computer systems that help manage and communicate nursing documentation. With each passing month, high tech documentation is becoming a way of life in our nursing practice.

Daily, we strive to provide a healthy work environment for our nurses. An example of this is the development of the Watson Room, where nurses have a place to decompress from stresses at work.

To find out more about our creative practice environment, please continue to explore our website.

St. Joseph's Healthcare System is North Jersey's care provider of choice. We are Passaic County's top employer. Join our team and be welcomed into our family of nursing professionals!


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