Nursing Research and Practice

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In the beginning of Nursing Research, there was Florence Nightingale - Nursing's 1st Nurse Researcher. In the honor of Ms. Nightingale, St. Joseph's Healthcare System continues her dedication to nursing research and the development of nursing practice for outstanding patient care.

The Department of Nursing Practice and Research at St. Joseph's Healthcare System (SJHS) is responsible for:

  • The development of a Nursing Research and Evidence-based Nursing Practice (EBNP) Program and Model;
  • Educating all RNs about Nursing Research and EBNP;
  • Facilitating staff RNs to incorporate EBNP into their daily patient care;
  • Consulting with staff members on all aspects of research/EBNP projects from idea to dissemination of results;
  • Actively participating as a voting member of St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center's (SJRMC) Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Prior Research Participation

SJHS's prior research participation included SJRMC's participation with the Organization of Nurse Executives of NJ (ONE/NJ) in the state-wide replication study of Pravikoff, Tanner, and Pierce in 2006. Their research study "Readiness of U. S. Nurses for Evidence-Based Practice" appeared in the September, 2005 issue of the American Journal of Nursing. SJRMC's data confirmed similar findings to the original study's outcomes. Research participation has also included Duffy's "Caring Assessment and Evaluation" Study.

Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Committee


Membership on the Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Committee is open to all RNs and other interdisciplinary staff members. If you are interested, please complete the membership application.


Meetings occur on the Nursing Practice Council Day, which is the second Wednesday of every month from 2:15 pm – 3:30 pm. Please view our meeting calendar.


Functions of the Nursing Research and Evidence-based Nursing Practice Committee are to:

  • Meet monthly toexchange and explore areas of interest related to improving patient care and professional development;
  • Learn more about the processes of Nursing Research and Evidence-based Nursing Practice;
  • Identify researchable clinical questions;
  • Implement "best practices" from EBNP.

Educational Topics

We focus on educating our staff RNs about the processes of Nursing Research and Evidence-based Nursing Practice including education in how to:

  • Develop beginning strategies for staff RNs to research a question;
  • Explore the Internet for "best practices" and evidence-based practice;
  • Learn how to critique nursing research studies;
  • Determine the hierarchy of levels of evidence;
  • Data collection, instruments, and statistical analysis;
  • Research proposal writing
  • Application submission to the IRB
  • Data analysis
  • Dissemination of research findings via presentation and publications; and
  • Collaboration between SJHMC and Seton Hall University.

All SJRMC RNs have access to CE Direct Nursing Spectrum and Joanna Briggs Institute for retrieving evidence-based practice literature, as well as accessibility to SJRMC's state-of-the art library.

Annual Nursing Research/Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Conferences

For information about our next Nursing Research Conference please check back to our website.


  • SJRMC was conferred "Magnet" status by the American Nurses Credentialing Center in 2000 and re-designated in 2004 and 2008;
  • SJRMC RNs conducted research and/or presented research from the nursing department;
  • SJRMC began a collaboration in 2007 with three other local hospitals to present an annual joint evidence-based nursing practice;
  • Membership into the SJRMC's Nursing Research Council has grown from 20 to 41 today.

This Council has become an interdisciplinary membership actively participating include the Director of Nursing Practice and Research, Staff RNs, APNs, Clinical Nurse Researchers, Quality Management Nurses, Clinical Nutritionists, and Pharmacists.

Future Goals

  • SJRMC will enhance our collaboration with Seton Hall University and other academic institutions;
  • SJRMC's Divisions of Nursing will conduct a research/evidence-based study yearly;
  • SJRMC will submit grant requests to support nursing research studies;
  • SJRMC's nurses will seek to have their nursing research studies and/or evidence-based nursing projects published in peer review journals.


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