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What is it like to work at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center's Medical-Surgical Division? We are devoted to learning, research, and the latest technologies. Medical-Surgical staff make a difference, not only to the patients, but also to each other. We are collaborators, teachers, supporters, and respect each other's talents.


With more than 200 beds in our Medical-Surgical division, our extraordinary specialty services have made St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center the referral hospital of choice for patients seeking the highest level and quality of care.


Nurses use a Relationship-Based Care Model, along with Jean Watson's Caring Theory, throughout the Medical-Surgical division, giving our nurses responsibility and authority for the provision of care. Nurses practice autonomously, consistent with professional standards, by providing a caring, therapeutic relationship between nurses, and the patient-family relationship. A reflection of the daily commitment made by our professional staff to providing a caring environment for our patients, we have seen improvements in the Press Ganey satisfaction scores


The Medical-Surgical units were the first to demonstrate that health care needs to improve, streamline, and consolidate the nursing care process. This demonstration led to the implementation of an electronic documentation system on all Medical-Surgical units.


As a Medical-Surgical nurse, you'll experience firsthand a patient-centered environment, where breakthrough thinking results in extraordinary levels of care.


Medical & Neurology


Neuroscience nursing represents a comprehensive continuum of services and care for neurology and neurosurgery patients, with nurses working together to support patient processes and care throughout each level of need. With a capacity for 16 patients to be telemetry monitored, the nurses on this unit care for wide range of neurology diagnosis including stroke and epilepsy. The Neuro Step-Down Unit consists of 4 beds for patients who have undergone complex elective neurosurgical procedures as well as trauma.


On Regan 6 North, there is a Stroke APN who oversees the care of the neurology patients and is a member of the St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center Stroke Team. Additionally, there is also a Neurosurgical APN who oversees the care of the neurosurgery patients. In May of 2007, we were designated as a Primary Stroke Unit and as of December 2007, our unit received the New Jersey Department of Health's Comprehensive Stroke Center designation.


The Neuroscience Services Department is looking forward to the connection of the new vertical expansion in which an entire floor will be dedicated to Neurosciences. The floor will consist of 16 beds Stroke Unit with Epilepsy monitoring, a 4 bed Neuro Surgical Step Down Unit and 12 bed Neuro-Medical beds.


I am thankful to manage, mentor, encourage, and engage such an exciting staff. Together we have worked extremely hard to achieve many goals in a short period of time, including successfully developing and growing a neurology unit at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center. Our endeavor has lead to many awards and national recognition, including DOH Comprehensive Stroke Certification, and the Silver Award from the American Heart Association's "Get with the Guidelines" in Stroke Care.


Improving patient care, the Neuroscience nursing staff continues to grow personally and professionally while enjoying many successes of hard work.


Medical & Infectious Disease


As the unit leading changes within Medical-Surgical nursing within the last year, St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center's (SJRMC) Regan 6 South (6RS) has successfully piloted electronic documentation, as well as the innovative nursing delivery, transformational change model - Relationship Based Care.


As a manager, I motivate, guide, and inspire my staff to bring about change by promoting a professional autonomy among my staff and supporting opportunities for growth and development. I have great admiration and appreciation to be able to work with such creative, motivated, compassionate, and caring people, who provide a supportive and healing environment that connects to the whole patient – mind, body, and spirit. Our staff has transcended this caring model throughout the unit, promoting a healthy relationship with each other and other disciplines within the organization.


We believe and demonstrate that patient care delivery is more than just away of organizing work; it supports a therapeutic relationship and maximizes teamwork. As a manager I focus on creating an environment that fosters leadership at all levels. I encourage staff to accept responsibility, authority, and accountability for decision-making in patient care.


On Regan 6 South, our primary goal is to combat infectious diseases worldwide through research, patient care, prevention, and education. 6RS initiated the SJRMC Professional Model of Nursing, Relationship Based Care in 2007.


Patients and their families are the center focus of all our interactions; activities of care are organized around the needs and priorities of the patient and their families. Our professional practice roles of the nurse are based on the scope of Practice and the ANA Standards. Caring and healing relationships occur at the point of care. The outcome of the Professional Model based on Relationship Based Care is clinical excellence. The nursing/ physician staff was surveyed six months after starting the Model and saw better patient outcomes with the new model. Our staff have also been leaders in the administration of Pneumoccocal Influenza vaccine Core Measure Studies.




St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center's 30 bed Oncology/Hematology unit has nearly 200 annual admissions, primarily treating breast cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, lung cancer, solid tumors hemophilia, and sickle cell anemia. Our nursing staff is committed to excellence in delivery of care to all cancer patients and their families.


Regardless of their specific roles and work environments, the oncology nurses share a commitment to patient education. This common goal helps provide a continuum of care to cancer patients as they navigate the healthcare system's cancer diagnosis and treatment, which may involve surgery, chemotherapy, and or radiation therapy. Oncology nurses are with cancer patients every step of the way, from screening and diagnosis to treatment and beyond. The Nursing Staff is 75% Chemotherapy certified and are conducting a Clinical Research on which thermometer is best for taking accurate temperature.


Regan 4 South has both experienced and novice Oncology nurses whose enthusiasm for patient care is contagious. With in a year on the unit, all the nurses will be chemotherapy certified and demonstrate good techniques and knowledge of cancer care. With the nurses input, we have been conducting monthly in-services with our Oncologists who give us up-to-date lectures on the newest cancer treatment available. The compassion with which our nurses treat our patients is reflected in our outstanding Press Ganey scores. I am proud to be part of a team that manages both patients and families at the most difficulty time in their lives with both compassion and dignity.




Opening in January 2008, Regan 3 North (3RN) is an Inpatient Medicine Unit serving a variety of medical patients across the adult age continuum. 3RN provides a rich learning environment with consistent support from fellow nursing staff. The variety offered enhances present nursing knowledge, is a great area in which to build new skills, acquire new knowledge, and prepare new nurses for competent and confident practice. New graduates are welcome to this unit, which is dedicated to compassionate and competent care, making Patient Safety and Patient Satisfaction our top priority.


I am proud to work with such an energetic, creative and enthusiastic staff. Together we value education and self-fulfillment. Professional autonomy is created through self-scheduling and time paid to participate in nursing communities, nursing councils and nursing research.


We support our believe that life-work balance is very important. Having created an atmosphere of mutual support and caring, our dedication has led to high morale and team spirit. Each RN has the opportunity to become a unit champion by selecting a patient care improvement idea of their choice. We have created innovative programs to communicate our caring spirit and dedication to excellent patient care, such as hourly room rounding and making follow up phone calls to discharged patients.


It is truly my pleasure to mentor the unit champions and see their satisfaction of putting their ideas in motion. The staff is involved and engaged in the organization and actively demonstrates St. Joseph's core Values of Dignity, Justice, Excellence, and Stewardship.


Medical Geriatrics


St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center is home to an "Acute Care of the Elderly" (ACE) Unit on Regan 3 South. Our commitment to geriatric nursing care and our dedication to improving the quality of care provided to older adults has been acknowledged by our designation of a NICHE site in 2006. NICHE, or Nurses Improving Care to Health system Elders, is a National comprehensive program that fosters system wide improvements in the care of older adults.


Some of the projects we have implemented on our ACE Unit include our Snoezellen Room used for patients with dementia or delirium. This room is used to help calm the patient using multi-sensory devices that incorporate lights, sounds, motion, and aromatherapy. Additionally, a protocol we have implemented is "The Appropriate Use of Urinary Catheters," discontinuing urinary catheters on patients that do not meet a certain criteria.


Projects in development include communal dining, Pet Therapy and an activity room to help prevent functional decline in our elderly patients.


This newly remodeled ACE Unit has a team of dynamic and highly professional staff, who successfully make a difference at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center. I am honored to head a group of people who create the crosspatch between NICHE and the new Relationship Based Care (RBC) model of care. Extensive NICHE and RBC education and training has energized the staff, strengthening their passion to better care for their patients and build their relationships with each other.



Click here for an article recently published in Nursing Spectrum about our designation as a NICHE site at St. Joseph's Healthcare System.

 Click below to view our award-winning NICHE video.

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St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center's Psychiatric Nursing consists of a 20 bed unit, admitting individuals 18 years and over, on a voluntary basis, with various psychiatric diagnosis, with nurses who assist patients with self-understanding in an atmosphere of acceptance, caring, and trust. Patients are offered an individualized plan of care including individual and group therapy, emphasizing skill development through a psycheducational programming. The interdisciplinary team and patient work together to develop a comprehensive plan, with discharge planning as an important component of the patient's treatment plan.

The nursing staff of R2 is highly skilled and experienced in caring for behavioral health patients and their families. The nurses are continuously monitoring ways in which I can assist them to maximize patient safety.

Together, we have made great improvements to the therapeutic milieu of the unit, including the purchase of new artwork depicting claiming waterscapes and the creation of several comfortable sitting areas. In the spirit of collaboration and cooperation, I implemented an RN interviewing protocol, in which both a staff nurse and myself interview new nurses. The staff nurse has direct input into the decisions made on the unit. I have tremendous respect and admiration for the R2 nursing staff and their boundless commitment to their patients and to each other.

Surgery & Orthopedics

St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center's Orthopedic nurses are on the cutting edge of orthopedics. The nursing staff cares for patients undergoing elective joint replacement surgery as well as those who have surgery for orthopedic trauma in this 15-bed, fast-paced. Highly specialized nurses, who also collaborate with Physical Therapy and the Social Work Department, provide care in the newly renovated and decorated unit which includes patient rooms and a nurse's station.

Our Acute Surgical Unit consists of 26 beds and is also a very high paced unit with patient satisfaction as the staff's priority, as reflected in their positive Press Ganey scores. General surgery patients and trauma patients are the populations on this unit. To assist the staff in closely monitoring patient outcomes, a new position of surgical Clinical Nurse Specialist was created.

The professionalism with which the nurses in Seton 5 carry on their day-to-day activity in caring for our patients is amazing. The seasoned nurses in the orthopedic and surgical sections ensure that proper care protocol is followed with each patient during the post-op period, including pain issues. The experience with which our nurses tackle every issue is admirable. Nursing interaction with the family during this recover period, including teaching them about the patient's disease process, put family members and patients at ease. I have remarkable respect for the compassion and excellence with which our nurses treat our patients.


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