Partnership with MMC

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Dating back to 1999, the Sisters of Charity and St. Joseph's have been embracing the mission and vision of Frank and Peg Brady's charitable foundation, Medical Missions for Children (MMC). As both a partner and benefactor of this international, medically-focused, non-profit organization, St. Joseph's Healthcare System has extended its reach far beyond the geographic region that it has served for over 140 years.


Throughout its nine year partnership with MMC, St. Joseph's has stood alongside Medical Missions for Children as it has gone about the formation of its Global Telemedicine and Teaching Network™. From the onset, the medical staff of St. Joseph's Children's Hospital has provided the insight and expertise needed to provide appropriate diagnosis and treatment for the world's most critically-ill children. Since the launch of MMC's Telemedicine Outreach Program in March 2000 through to the present, St. Joseph's has participated in the care and treatment of more than 1000 pediatric cases in over 100 different countries throughout the world.


In support of MMC's mission to better inform the global health care community about the advancements taking place in medical science, St. Joseph's has provided MMC with the medical, technical and financial resources needed to launch a global education initiative that leverages state-of-the-art videoconferencing, recording, broadcast and web-streaming technology. Housed on the campus of the St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center is the world's largest repository of digitally-stored medical education videos – the MMC Global Video Library of Medicine™, an FCC-licensed satellite-broadcast facility – the MMC Medical Broadcasting Channel (MBC), and a one-of-a-kind high-definition recording and broadcast facility – the MMC/Panasonic High-Definition TV Studio. Through the collective use of these three functional units, MMC, in collaboration with St. Joseph's Healthcare System, is producing, digitally-capturing and distributing medical education information to more than 300,000 institutions located in 88 different countries.


Attending the needs of its local community, St. Joseph's and MMC also launched the Giggles Children's Theater in February of 2005. Located on the 2nd floor of St. Joseph's Children's Hospital, Giggles was created as a forum for child entertainment and healing. The theater is available to all inpatients, outpatients, family members and staff alike, with live performances taking place each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Now in its fourth year of operation, the Giggles Theater offers a constant reminder that "laughter is the best form of medicine".


Also on the domestic front and in association with Medical Missions for Children, St. Joseph's Healthcare System has broadened its medical capabilities and reach. Through the development of formalized medical affiliations with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital of Memphis, TN, and Johns Hopkins Medical Center of Baltimore, MD, St. Joseph's is presently establishing itself as a predominant regional center of excellence for the treatment of pediatric cancer, and as an institution dedicated to the improvement of the patient experience at every phase of the diagnostic, treatment and recovery cycle.


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