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Ultrasound exams, or sonograms as they are also called, are sets of images of the inside of the body that are made using very high-frequency sound waves. Although ultrasound can be used to image almost any part of the human body, some of the more common exams performed are of the abdomen, pelvis, arteries, and veins. This exam is also commonly used during pregnancy. There is no ionizing radiation used in an ultrasound exam, which makes the exam very safe for humans.

Ultrasound exams are performed in the following locations; please contact us to schedule an appointment:

St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center, Paterson: 973.754.4343

St. Joseph's Wayne Hospital, Wayne: 973.956.3312

St. Joseph's Ambulatory Imaging Center, Clifton: 973.569.6300


What should I expect when I undergo my ultrasound exam?

The technologist performing your ultrasound exam is called a sonographer. In order to produce clear images using the high frequency sound waves, a gel will first be applied to your skin. The sonographer then will guide the transducer over the area of interest and captures images on the ultrasound screen. Depending on the type of exam you are having, you may need to lie very still, or change positions, or even hold your breath.

There are certain special tests, such as transvaginal and transrectal exams, that require the sonographer to insert a small transducer inside your body in order to obtain the best images. The sonographer will explain these tests in complete detail before you undergo them, giving you the opportunity to ask questions if you wish.


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