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Dr. Lamacchia and Heather RussellThe Department of Food and Nutrition Services at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital has dedicated Pediatric Nutritionists who serve all clinical areas and provide services such as: nutritional intervention and nutrition assessments, private and group nutrition counseling, patient education, and physician support for individual patient requirements. The department supports many of St. Joseph's off-site locations as well as provides inpatients with a clinically appropriate course of nutrition to meet their needs.

Since a rich, multicultural population is served, the staff specializes in providing culturally and religiously appropriate menus and diets. The adjustable menus accommodate patient preferences.

The department is also active in supporting hospital programs, as well as outpatient services, including medical nutrition therapy, patient and family education, consultation for acute and chronic diseases, and public speaking support for community groups.

We have a dedicated ambulatory nutritionist who offers appointments for a variety of nutrition needs, e.g. weight management, cystic fibrosis diets, ketogenic epilepsy diets, anorexia, and multiple GI disorders.

For additional information, please contact us:

Heather Russell, RD, Pediatric Nutritionist

Appointments: 973.754.2507

Referral/Fax: 973.754.2532


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