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About Us

St. Joseph's Children's Hospital's Early Intervention Program (EIP) recognizes that providing appropriate, individualized and comprehensive services to children with developmental delays and disabling conditions is an integral and essential part of the total care that these children and their parents require. We recognize that assisting children and their families to develop effective ways of adapting to their limitations as early as possible is essential.


We believe that St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center and St. Joseph's Children's Hospital's Mission, based on its core values of Dignity, Justice, Excellence, and Stewardship, is the foundation on which we build our program.


We believe that birth to three years is the best time to begin intervention services since these important first years form the foundation for all future learning. The staff is committed to meeting the individual developmental needs of children and their families, collaborating with other agencies to provide comprehensive services in an appropriate developmentally stimulating, natural environment. We will facilitate smooth transitions to preschool as the children near the age of three.


The families are recognized as the most important caregivers, providers, and teachers of their children and as the people who will provide lifelong support. Involving families in all parts of the EIP to enhance their vital role in maximizing their child's potential is essential.


The main goal of the EIP is to provide parents/caregivers with the information they need to help their child to reach his/her potential in all areas of development. This goal is accomplished through collaboration of all members of the EIP team, including the parents/caregivers.



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