O’Neill Center for Medically Fragile Children

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The O'Neill Center is a Department of Community Medicine program that operates under a contract with the Division of Youth and Family Services. It is a transitional group home for five children under DYFS supervision who are medically fragile and/or HIV infected.  The children, who range in age from birth to five years old, do not require hospitalization or 24-hour skilled nursing care.

The purpose of early placement at the O'Neill Center is to provide the child with immediate medical intervention due to multidisciplinary medical needs as well as medical case management. It also provides the child with a safe, caring and appropriate transitional placement to allow DYFS the opportunity to establish long-range planning for future care and permanent placement of the child. Targeted length of stay is three months.


Only DYFS can place a child at the O'Neill Center. In accordance with DYFS policies and procedures, supervised visitation for children residing at the O'Neill Center is provided.


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