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Employee Education


Continuing Education

The Education Department provides consultation, facilitation, classroom content and instructor led training in collaboration with departments’ leadership to provide the following orientation programming for new employees.

  • New Hire Orientation: a day long program required for all newly hired employees of St. Joseph’s Health. This serves as an introduction to St. Joseph’s and a review of the mission and values espoused by the sponsors as well as the key principles for employment at St. Joseph’s. This is held twice a month.
  • Department Specific orientation: The time frame for this orientation is dependent on the job and responsibilities of the new employee; ordinarily, this time period lasts no longer than 12 weeks. This orientation immediately follows New Hire Orientation.
  • Job role orientation happens concurrently with the Department specific orientation and provides the new employee with the knowledge and skills required to fulfill the job responsibilities.
  • New clinical employees require specific orientation content before providing any care, treatment or services to our patients.
  • New Manager HR Orientation: This is a 2 1/2 day program primarily conducted by Human Resource personnel to acquaint new directors, managers and supervisors with the HR department resources and policies, procedures and practices. This program is held quarterly.

The Education department provides educational needs assessments for clinical staff to maintain and improve performance competencies on an annual basis and develops an educational plan to be met by clinical departments. The completion of the educational plan by each employee informs the annual performance appraisal at the end of each year.

  • A written needs assessment is generated by patient case type, individual staff requests, leadership and organizational goals, new technology and quality measures.
  • The educational plan is approved by departmental leadership and a copy given to each employee in the department.
  • The educational methodologies include instructor-led training, online education, self-directed learning and testing sequences.
  • Clinical skills are evaluated as needed for competency through the use of simulation and/or actual clinical care observation and supervision.

Targeted employees for this process are RNs, PCAs, and Unit Associates and other hands-on clinical workers. 

The Education Department also manages online learning through the use of a Learning Management System that all employees use annually to refresh themselves about required regulatory policies and procedures, for example Fire Safety protocol. 

Educational Development and Training Programs

The purpose of the Education Department at St. Joseph’s is to provide and facilitate quality education and competency development for all employees so that safe and effective patient care and healthy outcomes for our community are achieved.  Specifically we provide:

  • Education for all levels of health care professionals who care for adult and pediatric clients, education for families during their life experiences of childbirth and parenting, and education for the community at large in safety, health, and wellness,
  • Support for students at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels to learn and experience modern health care. We form liaisons with academic facilities to collaborate in research and educational projects, as well as promote agreements and grant opportunities that serve to provide career development and enhancements for employees.
  • Consultation to all levels of management staff for performance and quality improvement initiatives using educational expertise, facilitation techniques, and project management skills.
  • Health education services and community outreach activities through relationships with schools, community agencies, businesses and public entities, as well as medical center departments and affiliates.
  • Multi-media, cultural-and-literacy sensitive educational materials in support of educational requirements and competencies.