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This year, St. Joseph’s is celebrating its 141st year of providing quality, compassionate healthcare.

In its first year of operation, St. Joseph’s served 102 patients. Today, we serve over 1.3 million patients. To respond to St. Joseph’s vision of providing excellent healthcare to all people, with a special concern for the poor and underserved, St. Joseph’s has:

  • The largest hospital-based Dialysis Center in the state of New Jersey,
  • One of the only Feeding and Swallowing Centers in the United States, treating patients from around the country,
  • Collaboration with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital,
  • An Autism Center to address New Jersey’s high rate of autism,
  • Global Telemedicine capabilities and the nation's first high definition video link in conjunction with Medical Missions for Children,
  • The largest hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the state of New Jersey,
  • Received the Magnet Award for Nursing Excellence three times,
  • The Alfiero and Lucia Palestroni Birth Defects Center, the area’s only comprehensive center to prevent and treat a broad spectrum of disorders.

St. Joseph’s is an exciting place to work. Opportunities abound for employees and no matter the position you have at St. Joseph’s, you are an important part of our Mission, Vision, and Values to provide excellent patient care.


A variety of hosptial departments work together to provide Wellness@Work, a wellness program for employees and staff. Wellness@Work seeks to instruct and inform on a selection of health and wellness topics using a variety of unique methods.  Wellness@Work programs include: Monthly display table with consumer health information, giveaways and raffle items Monthly…


  Mary Medlock, Gift Shop Manager: “I have been working for St. Joseph’s for 40 years and it is the best place in the world to work. The staff here are exceptional, extraordinary and excellent. My co-workers are phenomenal employees who put every effort out to ensure that we all…


Cultural competency is inherent in our Mission, Vision and Values and here at St. Joseph’s Health we embrace diversity as part of our commitment to our most valuable resource, our employees. The employees at St. Joseph’s exhibit a wide range of talents, knowledge and experiences and are representative of…

Employee Orientation

New Employee Orientation starts on the first day of hire and ends with the completion of the introductory period. During this time the new employees receive the necessary information to be successful in their various positions. Orientation consists of both centralized and department specific training. On day one, the new…