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Transfer Center

Fast Access Saves Lives: Welcome to St. Joseph’s Transfer Center

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Efficient and effective emergency transfer services can be a lifesaver for a critically ill or injured patient.

St. Joseph’s University Medical Center’s Critical Care Building brings a multidisciplinary emergency/trauma/critical care resource to northern New Jersey and the surrounding region. In conjunction with the facility, we have our Transfer Center phone number: 1.855.SJ ADMIT (1.855.752.3648). Physicians in need of obtaining specialized care for their patients at our tertiary regional medical center will benefit from:

  • A centralized transport communications system staffed 24/7 by registered nurses with critical care backgrounds
  • A Transfer Center RN who manages each inquiry with a single call to facilitate a rapid transfer via ground or air
  • A large rooftop helipad capable of accepting the largest medical and military-style helicopters
  • Rapid transfer directly to our regional medical center and access to St. Joseph’s outstanding healthcare professionals

Purpose of the Transfer Center

Designed to provide an effective means for referring facilities and physicians to transfer patients in need of specialized care, the Transfer Center may be accessed 24/7 for the following purposes:

  • Trauma transfers 
  • Surgical transfers
  • Pediatric transfers
  • Cardiac transfers
  • Neurological and neurosurgical transfers including patients requiring neuro-endovascular procedures
  • Neonatal transfers
  • OB/GYN transfers
  • All other emergent and non-emergent (lateral) transfers

Goal of the Transfer Center

To serve as the entry point for all hospital-to-hospital transfer requests and to streamline the transfer process to minimize, if not totally eliminate, the multiple telephone calls that usually need to be placed by sending institutions.

  • A physician or hospital representative calls the St. Joseph’s University Medical Center’s Transfer Center at 1.855.SJ ADMIT (1.855.752.3648)
  • The Transfer Center RN will manage each inquiry with a single call by determining the needs of the patient in conjunction with the referring physician
  • The Transfer Center RN will connect the referring physician to the on-call physician specialist via three-way recorded communication
  • When medically appropriate, the Transfer Center RN will arrange or assist in the facilitation of rapid ground or air transport to St. Joseph’s University Medical Center

When calling the Transfer Center, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Referring hospital’s name and contact information
  2. Referring physician’s name and contact information
  3. Patient’s name, date of birth, diagnosis, type of specialty services required and any other information pertinent to the patient’s condition

Once the decision to accept has been made by the physician, the Transfer Center RN will:

  1. Request patient be accompanied by a complete copy of the medical record and all radiological films, and CDs
  2. Request a faxed copy (973.754.2208) of the patient’s admitting face sheet, consent to transfer, Authorization to Transfer and any pertinent medical information that will expedite the patient’s treatment on arrival at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center.

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