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Geriatric Emergency Department


Our Geriatric ED is designed especially for patients 65 years of age and older.

The American College of Emergency Physicians determined the importance of geriatric-specific emergency care. St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center is the first hospital in the region to provide a dedicated emergency department for older patients, featuring a 20-bed treatment area with thicker mattresses, natural lighting throughout much of the common areas, and reduced chaos and noise.

Our staff is trained in geriatric emergency medicine.

So many people age 65 and older suffer from chronic diseases and other health issues unique to aging. Our team is trained to address these acute medical problems, and our new clinical protocols and pathways provide geriatric-tailored medical care. The team includes physicians, nurses, social workers, pharmacists and toxicologists, as well as occupational and physical therapists.

Special protocols help the geriatric patient.

People entering the Geriatric ED are often on multiple medications. Consultations with pharmacologists help determine whether drug interactions may have caused the medical problem that led to the ED visit. Follow-up can also improve outcomes. We call the patient the day after he or she receives care in the Geriatric ED. We ask questions to learn if the patient is still symptomatic or whether he or she has filled prescriptions that were written upon discharge. If the problem that caused the patient to enter the ED hasn’t been adequately resolved, he or she is asked to return. A VIP tracking system prioritizes them for treatment once they arrive.

A seamless continuum of care from the ED to the Geriatric Floor.

The Geriatric ED is located just down the hall from the Geriatric Unit, which enables continuity of care if a patient requires hospitalization. A Geriatric ED Nurse Practitioner coordinates the admission and helps not only the geriatricians but also the patient and the patient's family transition from the ED to the hospital.


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