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Outstanding patient care from an exceptional, multidisciplinary team

With surgical specialists and sub-specialists in all areas of Neurosurgery, a dedicated nursing team and world-class facilities combine to deliver outstanding care, making clear communication about complicated conditions a priority so that patients and their families are equipped to make wise decisions during critical times.

The size of our department enables individual surgeons to focus on their diverse specialties. St. Joseph’s University Medical Center works closely with Neurosurgeons from the best universities in New York and New Jersey to offer patients extraordinary technical expertise in fields as diverse as oncology, spine, vascular and pediatric neurosurgery.

We are committed to providing patients with the best, proven approaches for addressing their neurological conditions. Our treatment philosophy is essentially conservative: Surgery is not always the right solution and our cutting-edge treatments may be minimally invasive or noninvasive. We work with each patient to determine what is best for each individual case.

A true team effort

An advantage of our setting at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center is our focus on specialized expertise. Patients are directed to the most appropriate specialist rather than the first available surgeon promoting cross-discipline consultation.

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