New Medical Pavilion Opens in Wayne!

The St. Joseph’s Health Medical Pavilion, located at 234 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, NJ, on the St. Joseph’s Wayne Medical Center Campus is officially open. St. Joseph’s Health is making specialty care more accessible by bringing a wide range of health professionals and services to one convenient location.

The new facility will provide a patient-centered environment for medical and surgical care along with coordinated services.

Offering You The Most Advanced Treatment Options

Take Your Recovery to Heart: Cardiac Rehabilitation

New at the St. Joseph’s Medical Pavilion, Cardiac Rehabilitation offers a structured program of exercise and heart health education designed to help you regain your life after a life-changing event, such as a heart attack. Our world-renowned specialists work together to help you improve your functional mobility, decrease risk factors related to cardiac complications, improve your outlook and emotional stability, and increase the ability to manage heart disease.

The St. Joseph’s Health Cardiac Rehab program is multi-disciplinary, with physicians, nurses, exercise physiologists, psychologists, and dietitians waiting to improve your quality of life.

Living with Diabetes

The John Victor Machuga Diabetes and Nutrition Education Center at the St. Joseph’s Health Medical Pavilion is dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment options, to help with managing and living with diabetes. The award winning center has been recognized by the prestigious American Diabetes Association (ADA) Education Recognition – for sixteen consecutive years.

St. Joseph’s diabetes specialists are available to help you learn how to make healthy eating and physical activity a part of your lifestyle – providing high-quality services needed to effectively manage diabetes.

Regaining Your Life after Injury: Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

St. Joseph’s Health is home to world-renowned Therapy experts, providing patients with physical, occupational and speech therapy services. An interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, work with both the patient and family to develop a plan of care that meets each individual’s needs to help them to live healthy, independent lives.

Driver Rehabilitation Program

The St. Joseph’s Driver Rehab Program provides clinical evaluation and assessment of the underlying skills needed for driving. This includes visual and physical assessments, reaction time tests and cognitive perceptual assessments. Clients must demonstrate adequate skills to progress to the Behind The Wheel Evaluation.

St. Joseph’s certified Driver Rehabilitation experts help individuals with disabilities gain the skills needed to be on the road safely – allowing them to lead more independent lives.

Treating Illnesses That Affect Body Movement

St. Joseph’s Physiatrists Rehabilitation experts specialize in treating injuries or illnesses that affect functional abilities - resulting from disease or injury, from sore shoulders to spinal cord injuries. Our services focus on putting the pieces of a person's life back together, while focusing on improved function and quality of life.

High-Quality Care…Close to Home

A leader in surgical services, St. Joseph’s Health offers highly skilled personalized surgical specialty care dedicated to the treatment of a full spectrum of injuries, illnesses and disorders.

Our experienced multi-disciplinary surgical team is comprised of Board-certified physicians. An emphasis on teamwork, with collaboration among physicians, staff, patients and their families, helps to ensure the highest quality of care.

Contact Us:

Naveem Ballem, MD, Bariatric Surgery . Suite 203 . 862.207.7510

Derick Christian, MD, Liver Surgery . Suite 204 . 973.754.2850

Stephan Dorkhom, DO, Hematology Oncology . Suite 202 . 973.389.5160

Matthew Grossman, MD, Gastroenterology . Suite 100 . 973.569.6118

Mark Ingram, MD, General Surgery . Suite 203 . 862.207.7510

Robert Lahita, MD, Rheumatology . Suite 204 . 973.754.4175

Nadra Moulayes, DO, Breast Surgery . Suite 204 . 973.754.4180

Harvey Rainville, MD, Bariatric Surgery . Suite 203 . 862.207.7510

 Mohammed Rahmau, MD . Suite 302 . 973.389.5147