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The Alfiero & Lucia Palestroni Birth Defects Center

The Palestroni Birth Defects Center provides consultation and treatment for children and adults with birth defects. Patients range in age from newborn to adults and are treated by a multidisciplinary team of specialties who provide education, consultation, diagnosis and treatment of multiple birth defects. The Center has a commitment to both the treatment and prevention of birth defects. Directors of the Center are members of the National Birth Defects Prevention Network.

A birth defect is an abnormality or difference in the body’s structure, inherent function or metabolism, which is present at birth, whether or not that change is noticeable at the time of delivery or becomes apparent later in life. About 120,000 babies (1 in 33) in the United States are born each year with birth defects. Both environmental and genetic factors, or a combination of these factors, can cause birth defects.

The Alfiero & Lucia Palestroni Birth Defects Center as a Medical Home

A medical home combines place, process and people. It is the central place where primary care is provided. The individuals delivering and coordinated care work as a team. Patients and families can trust that the staff will know and remember them as well as respect their ideas, customs and beliefs.  

A child born with a birth defect frequently requires multiple medical and support services. Successful treatment is dependent upon coordinated care tailored to each child’s unique set of needs. At the Palestroni Birth Defects Center, coordinated care is provided by a multidisciplinary team comprised of professionals from a variety of health care disciplines. Our specialists work together with the shared goal of your child’s rehabilitation. 

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