Supporting Your Independence: Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is the use of assessment and intervention to develop, recover, and maintain the meaningful activities of patients. As an integral part of the St. Joseph's Health Rehabilitation Department, the Occupational Therapy Department provides services for those whose lives have been disrupted by physical injury, illness or social, developmental and psychological difficulties.

The goal of treatment is to help patients recover – and get back to a healthy, productive, independent life.

Our Exceptional Method

An occupational therapist works with patients on performing activities of daily living, homemaking, work and community tasks. Individualized exercises and activities to improve strength, range of motion, motor control and coordination may be used to enhance the skills needed to perform these related tasks.

An occupational therapist may also evaluate and treat hand injuries, cognitive, perceptual, or visual deficits impacting independence.

St. Joseph’s Health occupational therapists are trained in the latest advances in occupational therapy and works closely with patients on an individualized plan of care designed to help one achieve maximum independence.

Our occupational therapy program focuses on working with upper extremities, stroke patients, improving activities of daily living and building adaptive equipment in order to help our patients regain independence as soon as possible.

We conduct cognitive and perceptual evaluations for those who have experienced trauma to the head and post-operative education to help patients better understand and help themselves in the care process.

A Dedicated Team You Can Trust

Certified Hand Therapists are available at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center and St. Joseph’s Wayne Medical Center.

Certified Neuro Developmental Treatment at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center and St. Joseph’s Wayne Medical Center