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In collaboration with DeVita, St. Joseph’s University Medical Center, which encompasses St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital serves both children and adults as the largest hospital-based dialysis center in the region. Our approach is multidisciplinary and tailored to each individual's bedical and developmental needs.

Our Inpatient and Outpatient Services

  • Acute and cronic hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis in both ambulatory and bedside settings
  • Transplant evaluation and preparation
  • Vascykar access interventions
  • Ambulatory blood rpessure monitoring
  • Patient education and training
  • Nutritional counseling

Our Team

  • Board-Certified Pediatric Nephrologist
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Trained Dialysis Nurses
  • Integrative Therapists
  • Social Workers
  • Nutritionists
  • Child Life Specialists

Our Experience

We work with our patients to diagnose and manage a full range of kidney conditions, such as:

  • Acute and chronic hypertension, including essential and renal
  • Acute and chronic glomerular diseases: nephrotic syndrome, nephritic syndrome, protenuria and hematuria
  • Acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease, including end-stage renal disease
  • Hereditary nephritis
  • Lupis nephritis
  • Nephroniterstital and tubular disorders, including renal tubular acidosis, and Bartter's and Fanconi syndromes
  • Hemolytic-uremic syndrome
  • Vasculitis, including Henoch-Shoenlein syndrome
  • Cute and recurrent kidney infections
  • Electrolyte and acid-base disorders
  • Non-glomerular diseases: bladder dysfunction syndrome, enuresis, vesico-ureteral reflux, hydronephrosis, cystic disease and renal dysplasia


As a member of the National Kidney Foundation, the Division of Nephrology and Dialysis is committed to the most current and thorough medical guidelines in the field. through the Foundation’s nationwide offices, our medical team can access vital patient and community services, extensive public and professional education, patient advocacy resources and the latest in kidney research to identify new treatments.

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For more information about our services please contact us at 973.754.2570.

DePaul Ambulatory Care Center
11 Getty Avenue
Paterson, NJ 07503
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