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The Respiratory/Pulmonary Department at St. Joseph’s Health is composed of a team of over 100 respiratory therapists, equipment technicians, Board-certified pulmonologists, and pulmonary fellows who provide therapeutic and diagnostic services in both our Paterson and Wayne facilities. The department also provides a 6-week Smoking Cessation Program. The primary focus of the department is to deliver pulmonary therapeutics to patients who have a myriad of pulmonary diseases and disorders, ranging in age from neonatal to geriatric. The pulmonary function labs also provide diagnostic services for pulmonary-related disorders.

The department uses a wide variety of equipment and methods to treat our patients. Besides providing basic respiratory therapeutics such as oxygen therapy, broncho-dilator therapy, and chest-physiotherapy, the departments also engage in complex therapeutics such as arterial/venous blood gas and electrolyte analysis, point-of-care ventilator initiation and management utilizing therapist driven protocols, pulmonary stress testing, bronchial provocation challenges, heliox therapy, nitric oxide delivery, high frequency ventilation, high risk transports, assistance in brachy therapy implantation, thoracentecis, pleural biopsies, as well as bronchoscopies.

The Respiratory/Pulmonary Department at St. Joseph’s Health performs an average of 300,000 respiratory modalities annually. We take pride in serving our patients in accordance with St. Joseph’s Health’s Mission and Values of Dignity, Justice, Excellence, and Stewardship.


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