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Centers for High Risk Pregnancy/Maternal Fetal Medicine

St. Joseph’s Regional Perinatal Center provides highly skilled obstetrical care to expectant mothers in the Northern New Jersey area. Diagnostic ultrasonograpy is available at ARDMS certified Antenatal testing unit. Services available include amniocentesis, nucal translucency, various perinatal ultrasounds; non-stress testing, fetal anatomy studies, and consults from the physician staff.

The St. Joseph’s Regiona lMedical Center’s High Risk Pregnancy Clinic oversees the most complicated of cases. The entire team of physicians, nurses, social workers, and dieticians evaluate patients and focus on their goal of bringing mother and baby through the pregnancy with minimal complications.

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For additional information, please contact us:

Expectant moms, or those contemplating pregnancy and have a high risk history, can contact any of our physicians at their offices or call the High Risk Pregnancy Clinic at: 973.754.2717.

For consults or nutritional referrals, please contact our American Diabetes Association (ADA) certified dietician, Alyce Thomas at 973.754.4074. Alyce specializes in Diabetes in Pregnancy.

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