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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


The Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Residency Program at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center is a newly accredited 3-year Independent Plastic Surgery Residency Program through the ACGME.

We accept one applicant each year into the independent program for three years. Throughout their time in residency, the residents are exposed to ample training in all aspects of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Our full time faculty supplemented with our voluntary private plastic surgeons provide excellent guidance and training to encourage independence and scholarship. Our goal is to provide our residents with comprehensive training through a vigorous clinical volume and faculty-driven educational conferences.

St. Joseph’s is a Craniofacial Center which supports a robust patient population in North New Jersey. Residents work hand-in-hand with the Craniofacial Team and learn to become leaders in our institution.

Our program has a generous educational curriculum driven by our faculty in order to provide our residents with the best possible educational experience during their three years at St. Joseph’s.

The residents are also encouraged to participate in our international trips with the Program Director. This allows an opportunity to learn how to adapt to different healthcare systems while operating in severely underserved areas of the world.


Our robust educational curriculum follows a didactic schedule based on the PSEN Residency Education Curriculum which is lead by our faculty. We supplement our didactic schedule with multi-discipline conferences such as Hand Conference and Craniofacial Conference. Our residents discuss preoperative, operative and postoperative patient planning during the Program Director Case Review. Monthly, Morbidity and Mortality Conference along with Journal Club refine our residents into outstanding academic surgeons.

The residents rotate through a variety of specialties in Plastic Surgery to ensure they are receiving a broad and comprehensive clinical education.


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Current Residents


John-Paul Regan

General Surgery: NYMC Wyckoff Heights Medical Center
D.O.: University of North Texas Health Science Center
B.S.: Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University
Hometown: New Orleans, LA


Jennifer Stark

General Surgery: St. Joseph’s University Medical Center
D.O.: Nova Southeastern University College of Medicine
B.S.: Nutritional Science, University of Florida
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL


Vipul Gargya PGY-6

General Surgery: Mayo Clinic/University of Connecticut
M.D.: University of Limerick, Ireland
B.S.: Genetics and Cell Biology, Dublin City University
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

How to Apply

Our newly accredited program participates in the San Francisco Matching Service www.sfmatch.org using the Central Application System. Please apply directly through this service.

All applicants must have prerequisite training acceptable to the American Board of Plastic surgery and must be eligible for licensure in the state of New Jersey. https://www.abplasticsurgery.org/residents/training-requirements/

Individuals accepted for a position in the program must be U.S. citizens, classified as a resident alien, or hold a J-1 visa.

For further information please email: stjoesplasticsurgery@gmail.com

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