In-House Toxicology

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At St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center's Emergency Department, in-house toxicology services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Unintentional and intentional poisonings can be identified for all age groups at St. Joseph's Emergency Department. As a medical subspecialty, Medical Toxicology practices the prevention, evaluation, monitoring and treatment of injury and illness due to occupational, therapeutic and environmental exposures as well as pharmaceuticals poisonings.


A Medical Toxicology consultation service provides expert bedside management recommendations for patients at every level of hospital care ranging from the Emergency Department, to inpatient floors and intensive care units.


'Flood Water Health Risks'


– Dr. John Kashani, Director of Toxicology and the Poison Referral Center, St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center, was a guest expert on WNBC-TV "New York Nightly News at 7 PM". Dr. Kashani was interviewed in the WNBC-TV Rockefeller Plaza Studio by Chuck Scarborough for this special news segment during the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, regarding flood water health risks, including the multiple toxins in standing water.


For additional information please contact:

Mark Rosenberg, DO, Chairman, Emergency Medicine: 973.754.2240

Adult Emergency Department: 973.754.3735

Pediatric Emergency Department: 973.754.2240

Emergency Medicine Residency Program: 973.754.2918

Toxicology Program: 973.754.2248

Emergency & Trauma Services: 973.754.2242

Emergency Department: 973.754.2251



Psychiatric Emergency Services Hotline Number:  973.754.2230


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