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Media Relations

Media Contact Information

Media Contacts Kristen Agnes DowneyPublic Relations CoordinatorDirect line: 973-754-4954Email: agnesk@sjhmc.org Liz Asani Public Relations Coordinator Direct line: 973.754.4500 Fax: 973.742.0870 Email: asanie@sjhmc.org After hours or on weekends, media contact by phone: 201.398.8097 Specialties and Speakers To ensure you have the most accurate information, are connected with the appropriate spokesperson, and are respecting patient privacy laws, all media interviews and inquiries must be arranged through the Public Relations Department. If you are a media representative working on a story and need to access a healthcare expert or patient at St. Joseph’s Health or if you have any questions about our…

Media Guidelines

Our goal is to make accessing St. Joseph's facilities and expert medical staff as easy and efficient as possible for the media while still complying with Federal regulations such a HIPAA and American Hospital Association guidelines. To learn more about our Media and Social Media Guidelines see below.