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Patient Information Articles

  • Price Transparency

    To view our Price Transparency information, please click here.

  • Patient Portal

    Patient Portal
    One Patient, One Record.

  • Medical Records

    The St. Joseph’s Medical Records Department is open 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. To obtain a copy of a medical record please submit a valid authorization form, signed and dated by the patient/legal guardian, or call the St. Joseph’s University Medical Center office at 973.754.2995 or the St. Joseph’s Wayne Medical Center office at 973.956.3715.

  • Care Management

    The purpose of Care Management is to collaborate with the patient, their family, physician(s), and other hospital resource staff to plan, coordinate, evaluate, and implement the options and services required to meet the patient’s health needs. Care Management uses communication and available resources to promote quality, cost-effective outcomes in the hospital for the timely and collaborative discharge of a patient.

  • For People with Disabilities

    It is our policy to respect the rights and interests of disabled individuals and anyone with special needs to ensure accessibility to all hospital services. St. Joseph’s Health provides:

    • A barrier free enviornment for the physically impaired
    • Seeing eye and hearing dogs have access to all St. Joseph’s facilities
    • Admission and surgical consents are available in large print
    • TTY & TDD machines through Telecommunications and Patient Relations; inpatient phones have amplified headsets, lights and adjustable ringers
    • Closed captioned TV service
    • Wheelchairs
  • Rights and Responsibilities


    Bill of Rights

    One of the first things we encourage you to do is familiarize yourself with the Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. These rights apply to all patients, including adults, minors, older adults and newborns. As a patient of St. Joseph’s Health, you are entitled to be informed about your medical condition and treatment, to consent to or refuse care, and to prepare an Advance Directive (living will) indicating the kind of medical care you want if you become unable to decide for yourself. Throughout your stay at St. Joseph’s Health, the Patient Advocate is available to assist you and your family with any questions or concerns you may have.