Your Hospital Stay Information

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Pre-admission Testing

If you are scheduled for Pre-admission Testing (PAT), your physician will provide you with the information you'll need. Please bring:

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance information
  • List of medications you are taking

Fasting –(no eating or drinking for 3 hours is required.)


If you need to change your Pre-admission testing appointment or have questions, you may call:

In Paterson: 973.754.3890

In Wayne: 973.956.3756


Surgery Pre-admission Blood Bank Procedure

Because of the ongoing urgent need for blood, if you are scheduled to be admitted for surgery in which blood may be required, you must arrange for a donation to our blood bank before your admission date. You can do this either by giving a deposit of your own blood, having a friend or relative donate for you, or arranging a transfer of credits from any other blood bank. To make an appointment or for more information, please call:

Paterson: 973.754.3538

Wayne: 973.956.3756

Admitting Procedures

If you are going to be admitted to the hospital, please bring the following:

  • Photo ID – showing proof of address
  • Current medical insurance card
  • Medicare or Medicaid card – if you have one
  • Any necessary doctor's referral
  • Responsible party information
  • Copy of Advanced Directive – if you have one
  • List of medications you are taking
  • For Car Accidents – please bring Automobile Insurance information
  • Please bring your deductible or co-payment that may be due as indicated by your insurance company
  • Please tell us if your spouse works or if you have multiple coverages so we can determine which insurance should be billed first.
  • A parent or legal guardian must accompany patients under 18 years of age at the time of admission.


If your primary insurance carrier is an HMO or commercial insurance company, or if you are a Medicare patient who has enrolled in a Medicare/HMO program, it is important to know your policy and if your insurance company will allow you to be admitted to St. Joseph's Healthcare System. Every policy is different. Some carriers may require you to pre-certify your admission (to notify or receive approval) before a planned admission or within 24 hours after an unexpected admission.


Upon admission to the hospital, you will be given a room assignment. Most patient rooms are semiprivate (two patients per room); however, a very limited number of private rooms are available. If you would like a private room, (and one is available) please make your request on admission. A cash deposit is required since insurance does not cover private room charges. To request a private room in Wayne call: 973.956.3315.


We urge you to bring and use containers to protect eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aide, etc., when you're not wearing them. St. Joseph's Healthcare System is not responsible for broken or loss of personal items. Cell phones are brought at your discretion. In Wayne, electrical devices will be checked by the hospital for approval.

Emergency Room

On arrival please have:

  • Photo ID with current address
  • Current insurance cards also (Medicare and Medicaid if you have them)
  • Emergency contact name and phone number
  • List of medications if possible


Charity Care - Patient Financial Services Department

In Paterson call: 973.754.2152 for Inpatient and Outpatient information

Inpatient services are at the hospital, 703 Main Street, Room AG-414.

Outpatient services are at 35 Getty Avenue, Building 400: 973.754.4395


In Wayne: A person needs to have a doctor referral or an outstanding bill from the emergency department.

A card will be given to them containing contact information listing the requirements.



Please leave at home or send home with a family member, all jewelry, credit cards, and any other valuables. We urge you to deposit any other valuables you may have in the hospital safe until you leave. Your nurse can do this for you. Please do not leave important personal items in your room at any time. The hospital will not assume responsibility for your personal possessions, unless they are placed in our safe.



The hospital pharmacy will provide all medications you need, as prescribed by your doctor(s). Please do not bring any medicines (prescriptions or non-prescription items) from home, unless your doctor specifically says you should. However, a list of the medications you are presently on should be brought to the hospital.



Because of the overwhelming evidence that smoking is dangerous and injurious to an individual's health – and to protect our patients, visitors and staff – smoking is prohibited within the hospital. Please check the information desk for designated outdoor smoking areas.


Lost and Found

To inquire about an item that has been lost, dial the operator or contact the Security Department. In Paterson, call: 973.754.3496 and in Wayne, call: 973.942.6900 ext. 4000.


Getting Out of Bed

Please be very careful getting in and out of bed. If you need assistance, call a nurse. If your physician has placed you on bed rest, do not attempt to get up. Ask for assistance or use your call button for help. If the side rails on your bed are raised, do not lower them yourself. Hospital beds are high, and an accidental fall can be very dangerous.


Safety Drills

Fire and disaster drills are conducted periodically for the protection of patients, visitors and staff. Please do not be alarmed if the bell sounds and a fire drill is announced. Please follow the instructions of hospital personnel.


Leaving Your Room

If it is necessary to leave your room – and your physician has given consent – please notify your nurse. Your nurse must know your whereabouts at all times. Arrangements can be made for an escort if it is necessary for you to leave the unit.

Special Services Provided

Surgical Information

If you are scheduled for surgery, the anesthesiologist assigned to your care will discuss anesthetic management with you and will review your chart to be certain you are properly prepared. Your nurse will also explain the steps involved in preparing for surgery.


Food and Nutrition Services

We provide nutritious, high quality meals to all patients. All meals are consistent with any dietary restrictions that may have been ordered by your physician as part of your treatment. These restrictions may change during your stay due to changes in your physical condition, preparation for testing or medical procedures, or as a result of such testing and procedures. Consequently you may find that the selections you made may be changed to comply with your doctor's orders.


Each morning, a menu will be presented on your breakfast tray for you to select for the following day's meals. A dietary representative will visit you to collect your completed menu. Guest trays are available for a nominal fee. To select today's menu, alter your menu selections, or order a guests tray, please dial ext 3308 to speak to a dietary representative.


Clinical Nutrition Services

Clinical nutritionists are available to develop an individualized diet plan in accordance with your prescribed diet, taking into consideration your medical condition, personal nutrition history, and ethnic/religious food preferences. Nutrition counseling services may be provided to you and you family members either as an inpatient or outpatient. If you would like to speak to a clinical nutritionist, please dial ext 3308.


Mail Services

A volunteer delivers incoming mail to your room daily. Outgoing mail may also be given to a volunteer,. Mail received after you are discharged will be returned to the sender in Paterson. It will be forwarded to your home from the Wayne Hospital.


Telephone and Television Service (St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center and St. Joseph's Children's Hospital)

Television and telephone service are available in your room for a per day rental fee. The fees cannot be added to your hospital bill or paid upon discharge. To order Television or Telephone service, dial ext 2865 and leave your name and room number. A representative from TV Rental will visit your room daily. Note: TV and phone charges are not covered by hospitalization insurance.


Television in Paterson and Wayne

You may use cash to purchase a Pre-paid card from the machine or use a credit card.

For service call ext. 2865 from the patient phone

In Wayne only: The fees MAY be charged to your home phone number to be included on your phone bill. For service – call ext. 3639 from the patient phone.

Health Care

Nursing Care (for St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center and St. Joseph's Children's Hospital)

Floor Nurse

A nurse will be assigned to administer your care, provide health education and counseling, and teach you and your family about follow-up care.


Nursing Call-Button System

Please take time to familiarize yourself with the call-button system. This device not only summons help to your room when you need it, but also provides instant communication with the nursing station.


The Health Care Team/Universal Precautions

Physicians representing a wide range of medical specialties work closely with nursing and support staff to provide you and your family with the most professional, compassionate care possible.


Experienced registered nurses and licensed practical nurses staff each unit around the clock, assessing patient needs and planning nursing care from admission to discharge.


Other key staff include social workers; physical, occupational and speech therapists; pharmacists; dieticians; and mental health professionals.


You may notice that some of our staff wear protective gowns, masks, eyewear and aprons during certain procedures. St. Joseph 's Healthcare System, practices "Universal Precautions: formulated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These precautions are designed to prevent the spread of germs and disease to the greatest extent possible.


Patient Education

St. Joseph's Healthcare System is pleased to have on staff a nurse educator who is available to patients in need of one-on-one instruction or additional information about their illness. With a special emphasis on diabetes, the nurse educator is an excellent resource for both inpatients and outpatients. For further information, call: in Paterson ext. 3440 and in Wayne call ext. 3351 or ask your staff nurse.


Your Rights and Responsibilities

Bill of Rights

One of the first things we encourage you to do is familiarize yourself with the Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. These rights apply to all patients, including adults, minors, older adults and newborns. As a patient of St. Joseph's Healthcare System, you are entitled to be informed about your medical condition and treatment, to consent to or refuse care, and to prepare an Advance Directive (living will) indicating the kind of medical care you want if you become unable to decide for yourself. Throughout your stay at St. Joseph's Healthcare System, the Patient Advocate is available to assist you and your family with any questions or concerns you may have.


The Bill of Rights (available in English, Spanish and Arabic) and Advanced Directives (living will)(available in English, Spanish and Arabic) are also in the Patient Relations Deptartment.


For help with decisions regarding life support, care at the end of life, or other bioethical issues, you may ask the Patient Advocate to arrange a meeting with our Bioethics Committee. This committee is comprised of hospital personnel and community representatives who are available to review patients' or families bioethical concerns and offer other recommendations.


You also have the right to file a written complaint against a hospital, either with the hospital or with the Department of Health, for failure to comply with the provisions listed in the Patient Rights and Responsibilities. The department's address is: Complaint Program, Division of Health Facilities Evaluation, CN 367, Trenton, NJ 08625-0367. The hospital or Department of Health, as appropriate, will investigate a written complaint filed with the department and report its findings to the hospital and to the patient. If you have any questions concerning your rights as a patient, contact St. Joseph's Healthcare System, Department of Patient Relations and speak to Father Martin Rooney 973.754.3016.


Patient Privacy - Images and Video

Patient privacy is a priority at St. Joseph's Healthcare System. As a reminder to visitors, patients and staff, capturing and sharing any patient's image, or posting unauthorized images and video to the Internet or social media sites, directly violates St. Joseph's Healthcare System policies and state and federal law. Patients deserve a safe comforting environment for healing. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Your Patient Relations Department

The Department of Patient and Visitor Relations helps patients, their families, and visitors. Your Patient Relations Representative is your advocate with the following commitment to you:

  • Listen to and respond to your concerns, complaints, and suggestions
  • Serve as resource of information for you, your family and visitors throughout your stay with St. Joseph's
  • Arrange for certain services or direct you to resources in the community

Your Guide to St. Joseph's

All of us at St. Joseph's want your stay to be as comfortable and helpful as possible. We also want you to know about our procedures, our excellent staff and the many special services you can call for as a St. Joseph's patient. A Patient Information Booklet is on the nightstand by every hospital bed. We hope you and your family will use it to help make your stay a pleasant one.


Resolving Complaints

If you have patient care or safety concerns at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center, St. Joseph's Children's Hospital, St. Vincent's Nursing Home or St. Joseph's Wayne Hospital, a division of St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center, please contact the Patient Relations Department at 973.754.3147 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . St. Joseph's is committed to resolving care and safety issues in a prompt manner.


Advance Directives

All New Jersey hospitals and nursing homes are required by law to ask patients, upon admission, if they have an Advance Directive – a living will or durable power of attorney for health care. The law is in compliance with the federal Patient Self-Determination Act of 1990.


An Advance Directive is a legally recognized document that clearly states a person's preferences for medical treatment in life sustaining matters. It speaks for the patient should that individual become incapable of making or voicing health care decisions in accepting or refusing treatment. Individuals do not need an attorney or physician to complete a living will, but two adults must witness the document. For additional Advance Directive information, please contact Patient Satisfaction in Wayne at 973.956.3662 and Patient Relations at 973.754.3147.


Advance Directive in English
Advance Directive in Spanish
Advance Directive in Arabic


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