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The Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive care using state-of-the-art technology for patients with nearly all medical and surgical problems related to the ear, nose, throat, and neck.

St. Joseph's otolaryngologists care for conditions such as chronic ear infections, ear disease and hearing loss, head and neck masses and tumors, congenital anomalies, and vascular malformations, airway problems, sinus disease, voice /speech difficulties, and thyroid disorders.


The division works closely with audiology, craniofacial services, and speech and language pathology.


Common Ear Nose and Throat conditions in children include:

  • Birth defects related to the head and neck region
  • Foreign bodies in the ears, nose, airway or esophagus
  • Ear infections including swimmer's ear, otitis media, middle ear fluid (serous otitis) and chronic otitis media
  • Chronic ear problems and infections
  • Cleft lip and palate related conditions
  • Protruding or lop ears
  • Correctable hearing loss as well as congenital hearing loss and deafness
  • Nasal diseases such as bloody noses, nasal allergies and sinusitis, nasal deformities and breathing obstruction
  • Throat problems such as recurring sore throats, tonsil and adenoid problems, bacterial tonsillitis, pharyngitis, peritonsillar abscess and sleep apnea
  • Trauma to nasal and facial bones
  • Neck lumps and masses such as thyroglossal and branchial cysts, and swollen lymph nodes


For additional information, please contact us:

James LaBagnara, Jr., MD

Appointments: 973.942.1300

Referrals/fax: 973.942.4267


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