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A mammogram is an x-ray examination of the breast. It is used to detect changes in the tissues in the breast and to diagnose breast disease. Mammograms are performed on patients who have a history of pain, lumps, or other problems in their breasts. Those are called diagnostic mammograms. However, it is also ordered as an exam for patients who have no breast complaints. In these cases, they are called screening mammograms.


PET Scan

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A PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scan is an imaging exam that creates pictures of metabolic activity inside your body. A small amount of radioactive material (called FDG) is injected into your bloodstream. The PET scan takes images of the areas of your body where the FDG travels. These images are helpful in diagnosing certain cardiovascular or systemic diseases because they identify areas in the body where normal levels of metabolic activity are not taking place, possibly meaning there may be a problem. PET scans are helpful in evaluating the extent of diseases, including cancers.



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Ultrasound exams, or sonograms as they are also called, are sets of images of the inside of the body that are made using very high-frequency sound waves. Although ultrasound can be used to image almost any part of the human body, some of the more common exams performed are of the abdomen, pelvis, arteries, and veins. This exam is also commonly used during pregnancy. There is no ionizing radiation used in an ultrasound exam, which makes the exam very safe for humans.


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