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Family Medicine

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A modern state of the art facility, experienced faculty, small groups and personal attention within a large full functioning medical center make this dually accredited byACGME and AOA a unique program. The ACGME portion of the program is sponsored by New York Medical College while NEOMEN & ONE sponsor the DO portion.

The program's curriculum is seamlessly integrated allowing osteopathic physicians to fulfill the AOA-required internship while simultaneously fulfilling requirements for both the ACGME and AOA family medicine boards. Centered on core lectures, the diverse and innovative curriculum is offered on two 18-month cycles, including departmental and institutional grand rounds, morning conferences, and the lectures given during our weekly morning academic session.

Applicants must be highly qualified, energetic, hard working and dedicated to becoming the best doctors they can be through hard work and learning with the support of a team of caring, experienced faculty. Graduates leave with the confidence and ability to succeed anywhere they choose, at anything they choose.



First year consists of 12 one-month blocks as follows:

One block of Family Medicine

Two blocks of Internal Medicine

One block of MICU

One block of Surgery

One block of Pediatrics

One block of Newborn Nursery

One block of Obstetrics

One block of Gynecology

One block of Emergency Medicine

One block of Elective

One block of Vacation

Second year consists of rotations as follows:

One month of Family Medicine

One month of Orthopedics

One month of Sports Medicine

One month of Outpatient Surgery

One month of CCU

One month of Pediatric Neurodevelopment

One month of Emergency Medicine

One month of Obstetrics

One month of Gynecology

Two weeks of Dermatology

Two weeks of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

One month of Elective

Two 2-week blocks of Vacation

Third year consists of rotations as follows:

Two months of Family Medicine

One month of Pediatric Subspecialty

One month of Geriatrics

One month of Emergency Medicine

Two weeks of Urology

Two weeks of Community Medicine

Two weeks of Practice Management

Two weeks of ENT

Two weeks of Ophthalmology

Two weeks of Infectious Disease

Two weeks of Gastroenterology

Two weeks of Cardiology

Two months of Elective

Two 2-week blocks of Vacation

During all three years residents will have continuity clinic in the Family Medicine department, consisting of one half day session per week during first year, two sessions during second year and three sessions during third year. In addition, every Wednesday morning is dedicated academic time during which residents are excused from their rotations in order to be present in the Family Medicine Department for a series of lectures and conferences. During the third year, residents go to the Obstetrics clinic for one half-day session per week for their Continuity Obstetrics experience.


We believe that the discipline of family medicine is enhanced by research about family medicine. Conducting and presenting original research relevant to the broad scope of family medicine is a program requirement. There is an ongoing curriculum that covers the practical "how to's" of research for reviewing literature, developing an hypothesis, selecting a design and methodology, using biostatistical techniques, and writing and presenting final projects.

Beginning with a 14 lecture series by our Director of Research, the Hospital's Research Committee provides available expertise to each resident researcher. Most studies are clinical investigations in an area of resident interest.


Unfortunately, departmentally sponsored fellowships are not offered at this time. Our graduates are highly competitive and have completed fellowships in all of the offerings available to board-eligible family physicians. Over the past five years, our residents have tended to concentrate in geriatrics and sports medicine.

Job Opportunities, Job Placement, Life After Residency: Our Alumni Report

The field of family medicine is burgeoning with greater and greater opportunities as the discipline spearheads the effort to meet the primary care needs of the nation. Family physicians practice in every conceivable setting from the local solo office to the National Institutes of Health. Demand has outpaced supply for the past ten years and all indications are that this trend will continue. It is an exhilarating and innovative time for the family physician.

Many of our graduates enter clinical practice, either starting practices of their own or joining those already established. The patient populations served range from the most economically prosperous to the most economically deprived. Whatever the area of practice, whatever the subspecialty of training, whatever the patient population served, the most consistent finding in all our alumni surveys conducted since the inception of the program has found our graduates' affirmation that they have been extraordinarily well prepared for the work they have chosen to do. Perhaps above all other aspects of the program, this feedback both confirms our program's educational strengths and challenges our faculty to ensure that all our future graduates will report back to us with the same enthusiasm, gratitude, and warm regard.

American Academy of Family Physicians

American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians

American Medical Association

American Osteopathic Association

Family Medicine Interest Group

Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine

Medical Society of New Jersey

Northeast Osteopathic Medical Education Network (NEOMEN)

New York Medical College

St. George’s University School of Medicine

St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center

Society of Teachers of Family Medicine


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