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St. Joseph’s Health core values and vision are woven into the fabric of our nursing practice throughout the organization. This is accomplished with a professional nursing team of more than 1,500 nurses who take pride in their relationships with each other and the integrative relationships amongst all other disciplines within the health care system.

A five-time designated Magnet organization and winner of the 2010 Magnet Prize, nursing excellence is the standard of professional nursing at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center, which includes St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. Our Nursing Practice has continuously validated high quality of care in a patient-centered environment by integrating evidence-based practice and nursing research into clinical and operational processes.

Nursing’s Mission

We are committed to provide safe, compassionate, evidence-based, and culturally sensitive caring practices to patients, families, staff, and the communities we serve.

Vision for Nursing

St. Joseph’s nurses will be recognized as leading experts in the provision of safe, compassionate, evidence-based, culturally sensitive care to patients, families, and the community within an environment that is quality outcomes-driven and provides commensurate professional recognition.

Nursing Philosophy

The work of nursing theorist Dr. Jean Watson guides and inspires our practice model. Watson’s Theory of Human Caring focuses on a humanistic-altruistic approach to the relationship between the nurse and the patient. According to Watson’s caritas, the whole caring-healing- loving consciousness is contained within a single caring moment. We believe that these caring moments between the nurseand the patient form therapeutic relationships that foster healing. This caring environment flourishes when there are strong professional relationships among the healthcare team members. To facilitate this, Marie Manthey’s Relationship-Based Care serves as the model for nursing care. This model supports the RN leader to organize a team of nursing staff and other healthcare providers to foster the caring and healing environment described by Watson.

Shared Governance

The Council model serves as the cornerstone of nursing autonomy and empowerment. Ten governance councils assume responsibility and accountability for the decision-making, management, operation, and integration of Patient Care Services for both the Paterson and Wayne campuses.

  • Nursing Leadership Council – the highest decision-making body for Nursing. Council membership includes representation of nurses working in areas outside the department as well as representatives from all of the other councils
  • Directors of Nursing Council – forum for communication, collaboration and decision making among the senior administration team
  • Nursing Management Council – forum for the communication of information and a collaborative working body to make recommendations toward facilitation of patient care
  • Professional Nurse Practice Council – forum for clinical RNs to participate and collaborate in the shared governance model through implementation of activities, standards of practice, performance improvement, infection prevention, and programs affecting patient care and work environment, which cross all divisions
  • Advanced Practice Nurse Council – forum for members to participate and collaborate in planning, development, and implementation of activities, standards of practice, performance improvement activities, and affiliations related to enactment of the advanced practice role
  • Nurse Educators Council – forum for nurse educators who plan, develop, and implement orientation, in-service, and continuing education programming to meet the clinical and professional goals of all nurses, in all settings, within the organization
  • Relationship-Based Care Results Council – an interdisciplinary team forum led by Nursing for planning, development and implementation of the Practice Model and Relationship-based Care Delivery System
  • Unit Advisory Council – forum for unit-based committees responsible for operationalizing the Relationship- Based Care model and for evaluating the measured outcomes
  • Ambulatory Care Council – forum for clinics and outpatient areas to discuss and partner in the planning, development, and implementation of performance improvement activities, standards of practice, and patient advocacy endeavors within the outpatient and community-based settings in collaboration with inpatient services
  • Patient Care Associate Council - forum for Nursing Support Staff as a subcommittee of the Nurse Practice Council to participate in the shared governance model through implementation of activities, performance improvement, infection prevention, and programs affecting patient safety within the support staff responsibilities



Recognition & Awards

The significance of nursing to the mission and vision of an organization is embraced in a Magnet-designated setting. Recognition for the contribution of nurses is foundational to the structure and process of operations.

St. Joseph’s nurses demonstrate excellence through their clinical expertise and extraordinary compassionate care. They are recognized in many ways as outstanding caregivers and professionals.  

Nursing Excellence Award – An annual award given during Nurses Week by the RN peers of the Nurse Practice Council to staff nurses who exemplify and consistently demonstrate evidence of high-quality practice, excellent outcomes, and commitment to professional development.

Recognize a Nurse Award – A quarterly award to recognize nurses who deliver quality nursing care, demonstrate compassion, and embody the St. Joseph’s core values of Dignity, Charity, Stewardship, Justice, and Excellence, to positively impact the lives of their patients

Developed by the Nurse Practice Council in honor of the 150th anniversary of St. Joseph’s Health and the contributions of the Sisters of Charity, the criteria were inspired by the work of Sister Teresa Regina Confroy, RN, MSN, who served for 24 years at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center as a staff RN, Head Nurse, and Vice President of Patient Care Services.

RN STARS Program – A clinical ladder program to promote professional development of the direct care nurse. The program serves to define, develop, evaluate, and reward various levels of clinical nursing expertise using STARS criteria:

S - St. Joseph’s Health Strategic Plan

T - Transforming Care through Evidence-Based Practice

A - Advancement of Practice through Quality

R - Relationship-Based Care

S - Service to Self and Others

National Nurses Week – An annual celebration in May celebrating the birthday week of Florence Nightingale, recognizing St. Joseph’s nurses’ contribution, commitment and dedication to patients and families, the community, the organization, and professional nursing.

National Certification Celebration – An annual celebration in March honoring the nurses who have achieved national certification in their specialty, recognizing their expertise and leadership.


Nursing Quality, Evidence-based Practice, & Research

Nursing’s Quality Program continuously looks to improve healthcare outcomes and consistently fosters a practice environment providing patient care that is safe, competent and within the scope and standards of nursing evidenced-based practice.  

This quality management process is framed within the Iowa Model of Evidence-based Practice. By analyzing and trending outcomes, Nursing develops innovations and conducts nursing research for identified opportunities to support professional practice, ensure positive outcomes and expand the body of knowledge of nursing. 

Collaborating with the interprofessional team, Nursing is committed to providing quality, cost-effective health care services in an atmosphere of care and compassion fostering the wellness of our patients through:

  • Transformational Leadership
  • Data-driven development of structures and processes
  • Continuous Performance  Improvement
  • Commitment to Integrity
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Effective Communication
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Nursing Research
  • Transparency
  • Partnerships with the Community

You can learn more about the program by visiting our Nursing Research page.



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