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Patient Rights

Know Your Rights

St. Joseph’s Health is committed to educating patients and their families on their rights under Federal and NJ State Laws.

As a patient of St. Joseph’s Health you are entitled to be informed about your medical condition and treatment, to consent to or refuse care, and to prepare an Advance Directive (living will) indicating the kind of medical care you want if you become unable to decide for yourself. If you require further information about Advanced Directives or assistance in completing an Advanced Directive form, please call Pastoral Care at 973-754-3015. Advanced Directives are available in English, Spanish and Arabic.

For help with decisions regarding life support, care at the end of life, or other ethical issues, please call our St. Joseph’s Health Ethics Hotline at 973-754-3633 or notify the care team to request an ethics consultation with our Ethics Committee. This committee is comprised of hospital personnel and community representatives who are available to review patients’ or families ethical concerns and offer other recommendations.

Questions and Complaints/Grievances

You have the right to present questions or grievances to a designated St. Joseph’s Health staff member and to receive a response in a reasonable period of time.

We would appreciate an opportunity to answer any questions or resolve any concerns directly. You may contact the Patient Relations Department at 973-754-3147 (Paterson); 973-956-3662 (Wayne) or email patientrelations@sjhmc.org

If your concerns cannot be resolved by the Patient Relations Department, you can also contact the NJ State Department of Health Complaint Hotline at 800-792-9770 or:

Mail: DNV Healthcare USA Inc.
Attn: Hospital Complaints
4435 Aicholtz Road, Suite 900
Cincinnati, OH 45245
Phone:  866-496-9647
Fax: 281-870-4818
Website: https://www.dnvhealthcareportal.com/patient-complaint-report
Email: hospitalcomplaint@dnv.com

Click HERE to view the Patient Bill of Rights.

Precione AQUI para ver ‘Derechos del Paciente’.

Patient Privacy – Images and Video

Patient privacy is a priority at St. Joseph’s Health. As a reminder to visitors and patients capturing and sharing any patient’s image, or posting unauthorized images and video to the Internet or social media sites, directly violates St. Joseph’s Health policies and state and federal law. Patients deserve a safe comforting environment for healing. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Transgender patients who are admitted to St. Joseph’s Health hospitals will be allowed to maintain medication(s) they are already taking, as previously prescribed by their non-St. Joseph’s Health healthcare provider, provided the medication is not contraindicated as determined by St. Joseph’s Health medical personnel.  This policy pertains solely to the maintenance of an admitted patient’s preexisting course of treatment, as previously determined by their non-St. Joseph’s Health healthcare provider, and does not mean St. Joseph’s Health hospitals have to initiate or recommend any treatment for gender dysphoria, including medications. St. Joseph’s Health will treat transgender patients in accordance with the Catholic faith and the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Services, as amended by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.