Get Back to Your Active Life

Whether you’re healing from an injury, recovering from surgery or regaining skills due to a stroke or other illness, you’ll find a full range of rehabilitation services at St. Joseph’s Health to meet your needs. Our rehabilitation experts will be there for you throughout the continuum of care, treating patients at their bedsides and serving those at our outpatient facilities, as well. We are committed to improving quality of life by reducing pain and maximizing function for patients of all ages, through comprehensive, individualized care.

Areas of Care

St. Joseph’s Health rehabilitation services include a range of specialized care programs.

Acute Rehabilitation Unit:  We offer an inpatient rehabilitation unit for people who need intensive physical, occupational and/or speech therapy to maximize recovery.

Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation:  Our experts can help you reduce fall risks and resolve dizziness, imbalance or vertigo.

Driver Rehabilitation:  We offer comprehensive clinical evaluation, assessment, and education of the underlying skills needed for driving.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Services:  We provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to those in the hospital, with the goal of maximizing functional independence and enabling patients to return back home and into the community.

Occupational Therapy:  Our occupational therapists work to help patients attain and/or regain their independence and improve their ability to perform daily living skills.

Parkinson’s Disease Rehabilitation:  Our program helps patients with Parkinson’s disease maximize their ability to function and maintain quality of life.

Pediatric Rehabilitation:  Our experts use exercise and therapeutic play to address movement, strength, balance, coordination and endurance deficits in children from birth through adolescence.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation:  Our physiatrists help you get pain relief; recover from illness, injury, or impairment; or adjust to disability. We offer many treatment options, including alternative therapies and procedures.

Physical Therapy:  Physical therapy provides a wide range of therapies to help patients regain strength and functioning after an injury, illness or surgery.

Speech-Language Pathology:  Certified speech-language pathologists evaluate, diagnose and treat all types of speech-language disorders, with individualized therapy plans for a variety of conditions.