Healthy You: Health Tips and Stories

Bariatric Surgery Offers Hope for Weight Loss

You’ve tried the strategies: counting calories, recording points, drinking extra water, maybe even weight loss medication. But the pounds return. For millions of Americans, weight loss is a lifelong struggle that not only affects self-image, but overall health and well-being, putting you at risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes.

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How to Avoid the Pain and Discomfort of ‘Tech Neck’

Is your technology giving you a pain in the neck? Discover what ‘tech neck’ is and how to relieve those stubborn symptoms. Do you find yourself rubbing your neck or shoulders after spending time looking at either your phone or computer? You may be dealing with “tech neck,” a condition

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Allergies, COVID-19, Cold, or Flu: How to Tell the Difference

Learn how to differentiate allergies, COVID-19, the common cold, and the flu with expert insights. Discover the key symptoms and signs to make informed health decisions. Allergies, COVID-19, Cold, or Flu: How to Tell the Difference As seasons change and sniffles become more common, distinguishing between allergies, COVID-19, the common

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Women’s Health: Could Painful Periods be Endometriosis?

Having pain during monthly menstrual cycles is nothing unusual for women. However, facing significant pain which makes daily activities difficult may require evaluation. If you are having more pain than usual, it might be time to find out why. Women who experience pain during their menstrual cycles have grown accustomed

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Boost Your Immune System: 6 Easy Tips for a Healthier You

Your immune system is your body’s natural defense against harmful invaders like bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing pathogens. A strong immune system not only helps protect you from getting sick, but also promotes overall health and well-being. Let’s explore some simple and effective ways to stay strong and resilient by

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Can a Calcium Scoring Test Predict a Heart Attack?

Heart attacks are a major concern for many individuals, and advancements in medical technology have given rise to various tests aimed at predicting and preventing these life-threatening events. One such test gaining attention is the Calcium Scoring Test. In this article, we’ll explore whether this test can truly predict the

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