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Trustees and Executives


Chairperson of the Board of Trustees
Wilfredo Fernandez

Members of the Board:

Michael Armstrong, MBA
Donna Boles, MBA
Sister Patricia Codey, SC, Esq.
Bernadette Countryman
Talia Griep, CPA
Rev. Msgr. George F. Hundt
Catherine Kiernan
James Kranz
Alfred Lee, CPA
Michael Mainero, MD
Gualberto Medina
Mary Meehan
Jai Parekh, MD
Robert Paz
Sister Joan Repka, SC
Kevin J. Slavin
Sister Rosemary Smith, SC
Sister Marilyn Thie, SC

Executive Team:

Kevin J. Slavin – President and Chief Executive Officer
Joseph Duffy, MD – Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer
Michael Alwell - Vice President, Revenue Cycle
Lisa Brady – Executive Vice President, Chief Administration Officer
Todd C. Brower – Senior Vice President, General Counsel
Robert Budelman, III – Vice President, Chief Development Officer
Tom Casey – Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations
Moira Connolly, Esq. – Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer
James Haynes –Vice President, Facilities Operations
James LaBagnara, Jr., MD – Vice President, Medical Affairs
Jennifer Mendrzycki – Senior Vice President, Site Executive and Outpatient Services
Pia House Walker – Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
Sister Patricia Mennor, SC – Vice President, Mission
Kenneth M. Morris, Jr. – Vice President, External Affairs
Judy Padula – Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer
Linda A. Reed - Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Caswell Samms – Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Padmaja Upadya, MD, Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, SJWMC