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A CT Scan, which stands for “Computed Tomography,” is a radiographic technique that rotates multiple cameras around the patient and then combines the images into a two-dimensional, cross-sectional view of the area being scanned. There is no pain or discomfort and scanning only takes a few minutes. CT Scanning is very quick and is helpful in rapid diagnosis of traumatic injuries and in guiding needle biopsies.

The “64-Slice,” Low-Dose CT Scan is the newest generation of CT scanners, collecting 64 “slices” of data in a single revolution in less than one second. This provides the radiologist with higher quality images in less time. “Low-Dose” refers to the level of radiation used in scanning. Our new 64-slice low-dose scanner uses the lowest amount of radiation compared to any other scanner in use today. This makes scanning safer and allows patients access to more frequent scanning, if prescribed by their doctor. The photo shown here is of the state-of-the-art GE Lightspeed VCT.

CT Scanning is used in every subspecialty of radiology, including coronary angiograms, scanning of the veins and arteries, oncologic imaging and whole-body imaging. They are frequently used to:

  • Study blood vessels in the brain, heart, and other internal organs
  • Detect brain hemorrhages and stroke
  • Evaluate back pain from fractures, disc herniations, and spinal stenosis
  • Identify masses and tumors, including cancer
  • Evaluate abdominal pain
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