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IMG 2288St. Joseph’s Department of Dentistry provides comprehensive orthodontic care to patients with functional and/or cosmetic needs As core members of the hospital’s craniofacial team, staff orthodontists care for patients with cleft lip and palate and other dentofacial conditions, integrating this treatment with services provided by other involved specialty groups.

The full range of orthodontic services is available to populations with special needs as well to any children and adults who wish to have straighter teeth and a healthy bite. Orthodontic treatment is available in the form of metal braces, ceramic (tooth-colored) braces and clear aligners (Invisalign).

Other services include opening collapsed spaces prior to implant placement and the use of expansion appliances and headgear. In addition, orthodontists may be involved in treating patients as young as 5 years old using functional appliances to help stop damaging habits such as thumb-sucking and tongue-thrusting.

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For additional information and appointments, please contact us at 973.754.4250.

Family Health Center – Orthodontics
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