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Community Education Programs

St. Joseph’s Health works with a wide range of community partners throughout northern New Jersey. Working with faith-based groups, civic and social organizations, schools and universities, as well as professional groups, we provide a wide range of health information and services to your organization’s members.

We design and develop the health education programs based on the needs and interests of your group, striving to accommodate your requests. For your convenience, courses and programs are offered on weekends and evenings, and/or on-site at your organization.

 Our community education programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Childbirth & Family Education - For tours and orientation to Labor and Delivery and the Mother Baby Unit, please call 973.754.3344
  • St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital - Pediatricians, clinical psychologists, pediatric nurses, and other staff provide a wide range of educational programs on Autism, Diabetes, Obesity, Asthma, “Keeping Kids Safe,” Game of Life, Dangers of Substance Abuse, etc. Programs are provided in partnership with schools and parent organizations, day care centers, community groups, scouting groups, etc.
  • Early Intervention Program - Provides educational programs and services for parents of infants and toddlers from birth through age three, with a special focus on children with developmental delays and disabilities. Parent education classes are provided at day care centers, health fairs, and other special community events. Parent education and support.
  • Craniofacial and Swallowing Center - Serves infants through older adults. Provides workshops and seminars on swallowing disorders, hearing loss, and conservation.
  • The Diabetes Education Center at St. Joseph’s Wayne Medical Center - Certified and recognized by the American Diabetes Association as a Center of Excellence, the diabetes nurse educators provide monthly education and support groups for people with diabetes. They also speak on diabetes at a wide range of community seminars, health fairs, and conferences.
  • Emergency Department - Physicians, nurses, and staff speak on a wide range of trauma and safety-related issues, including Injury Prevention for Children, Proper Use of Car Seats and Child Safety, Boating Safety, Bike Safety, “Safe proofing Your Home,” Medication Safety, etc. Programs are offered for people of all ages, in conjunction with a wide range of community partners.
  • Cancer Education - Oncologists, nurses, and other staff offer lectures on skin, breast, prostate and lung Cancer, as well as provide information on cancer risk reduction, diagnosis, treatment, and support services at a range of community health fairs and other programs.
  • StrokeCenter - Physicians and nurses provide lectures on “Stroke: Risk, Signs, Diagnosis, and Treatment” at a range of community and corporate organizations. They also participate in health fairs and community activities.
  • Sleep Care Center - Pulmonologists and other staff from the Sleep Care Center at St. Joseph’s provide lectures on “Healthy Sleep and Sleep Disorders,” “Treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea” at both corporate and community forums. Staff also participates in a wide range of community health fairs and activities.
  • ImagingCenter - Radiologists, nurses, and other staff provide a range of presentations on Advances in Imaging Technology, including CT Scans, Calcium Scoring, Sonograms, Mammography, etc. to both professional, corporate, and community audiences. Staff also participates in health fairs, conferences, and other community activities.
  • Support Groups – St. Joseph’s provides a wide variety of health and wellness support groups organized to assist those afflicted with both chronic conditions and those newly diagnosed who need information and coping skills.
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For additional information, please contact us at 973.754.2868.