Program Overview

The Department of Medicine has a long-standing commitment to excellence in post-graduate medical education. Our highly qualified teaching staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and friendly environment have helped produce physicians of the finest caliber. Our goal is to help shape the next generation of compassionate, knowledgeable, and extraordinary future physicians.  In addition to acquiring basic clinical competencies, residents are also exposed to distinct individual career objectives. With an abundance of pathology, our program will expose our residents to everything needed to become a master of the field of internal medicine. St. Joseph’s University Medical Center sponsors the Internal Medicine residency program.

The St. Joseph’s Internal Medicine Residency program is a 57 resident based program located in Paterson, New Jersey. We pride ourselves with generations of accomplished physicians who have graduated from our halls. Our strength is in our dedication for patient care and the diverse pathology our program works with on a daily basis.

We are clinicians and teachers first. The Program Directors serve as teaching attendings a majority of the year which is one of the most unique features of our residency. This 57 resident residency program is one where everyone gets to know each other through hands on training.  Our residents organize extracurricular activities such as ski trips, sporting activities, and diner parties.